Friday, 17 June 2016

and she left ...

He hurt her feelings and she felt dumb for letting him in the first place. 
She accepted him into her life because she loved him.
There was a spark between them and she couldn't deny it even from the very first time they met.
Perhaps that was why she allowed him in.

The loneliness. The excitement. The way he treated her like a princess.
It used to be that lovely. She knew it was hell disguised as heaven.
Roses everywhere...

Now that he got what he wanted
She begged him to stay but he left
Was it something she said or done?
She was unsure. All she knew was that it is over.
It was bitter but she swallowed it still.
Her tears couldn't roll down more. She just stood there filled with emptiness.
She realised she was lonely. She was afraid. She felt disgusted of herself.
He took part of her soul; her heart.

"God blesses his soul," she whispered to herself and left.
The door closes. She looked up and hoped for the beginning of something new.
It's over.