Saturday, 27 June 2015

A complicated relationship

A complicated relationship
It is a feud between the mind and the heart
When you love someone who is attached to somebody
But yet he doesn't even seem to be attached with his partner
nor with you
That is real pain

But somehow you love the attention
You love being pampered
You love his kisses
You love the way he touches you; strokes your hair

But yet you're afraid of revealing your true self
Because deep down you know that it would kill your soul

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Your Choice, Darling

Up in that mountain
Promise me you won't let me go
I let you hold my hands for a reason
So don't walk away from me, Darling

All the worries,
all the pain within
I left them behind as you hold my hands
Being here is not easy for me
nor am I saying it is, for you, Darling

The agony is no pleasure to me
Touch it and you can feel it
I'll let you uncover these flaws

So stay with me, Darling
Hold my hands,
even if it's only for a moment, like you said.

Not Difficult

My sorrow is my drug
It reminds me of you

It hurts so much 
to picture myself without you

If only things are different
Perhaps it's true that some things 
are meant to be undone

This pain I must deny
This feelings I must cast aside
I wonder if you can sense it in my kisses
Because darling, it's not difficult to love you

Could it be lust? Could it be love?

Is it lust that brought us together?
What do you see in me my darling?
Am I just another woman you lusted for?

I let you kissed me 
I let you touched me
Even if I know that we can never be together

The circumstances of being with you
oh it's too much for me
I wonder if it brings me more woes 
or if it heals the broken heart within

The heart that yearns for love
The heart that yearns for you
Your kiss and your touch
The heart that wants you to only want me...

Let's Pretend

Dance with me
Dance and oh this sweet sweet melody
Let's pretend that we're the only ones that exist

Close your eyes
Close them oh so tight
And let's pretend that things would be much better than this

Walk with me
Walk with me side by side
And let's pretend that this journey will never end

Hold my hands
Hold them with all your strength
And let's pretend that it will stay that way forever

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I see you are a lover; a friend
or maybe you just know your way of treating a lady
To make a girl feels more like a woman
Yet the visible broken pieces 
No wonder you are the best shoulder to cry on

The joy comforts this soul
One could mistake it for passion
Perhaps it is ...

The warmness of falling asleep in your arms
to feel your kisses and touch
A gaze into the windows of your soul
Calms this terrible storm within

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dark Love

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” ― Marilyn Monroe


She once knew a man who would treat her like a princess
Sometimes she wondered why he had never found his princess
She was not his princess and they accepted it well

Perhaps it was his dark past
Perhaps it was him being mysterious

There were lots of 'perhaps' when being with him
And she wished that tings would be much more easier for her - lesser 'perhaps'

He knew what he was doing
She knew it ... 
He was imperfect. He was not flawless
But his kindness, his charm, his courage, his way of treating her with respect 
He was never selfish - he wanted to please her
These made her thought for a while

Where could his princess be?
Definitely not me, she whispered
She was quite certain about it ... or perhaps not

It was a pity ... Indeed it was a loss
Perhaps he has one or used to
She had one but that's history

He made her heart beat twice faster
She knew it all along
Perhaps he knew it too
She was not fooling around
She just wanted to get the affection she missed out 

It would be awkward 
But who cares?
People might find out
But who cares?
It might ruin her
But who cares?

She cares...
She does care...
And that would be her biggest mistake.

The spark between them was too strong
Oh it was very strong indeed
Very very strong - I can assure you
Because, if it was not strong, her pillows would not be soaked in tears.

She wanted to run ... she wanted to leave

She needed the comfort ... assurance that everything would be fine
That was all she needed. For now. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Untitled One

Love is dangerous game ...

Let me tell you a story about a girl. A girl who just wanted to have fun and live her life to the fullest. Her frustration towards life broke her inside out. 

She has a boyfriend and they were quite happy until now ...

She never felt contented when she was with him. It was more of her emotional and sexual sides. 
She knew he could never made her happy.
It was always about him. It was never about her. He was self-centred. 

Not to mention his unpredictable actions which affected her in certain ways. 
His beliefs ... everything was not right. At least, that was what she thought.

Her frustrations and disappointments led her to fall deep into a dangerous game of love and deceit. 

All she wanted was to have her dreams come true. She failed; so screw it, she said.

She felt disgusted with herself. 
She was afraid. 
The truth is she didn't even know what she was afraid about. 
Her heart beat faster than before. 

But yet, she didn't want it to stop. Not now.