Monday, 1 June 2015

The Untitled One

Love is dangerous game ...

Let me tell you a story about a girl. A girl who just wanted to have fun and live her life to the fullest. Her frustration towards life broke her inside out. 

She has a boyfriend and they were quite happy until now ...

She never felt contented when she was with him. It was more of her emotional and sexual sides. 
She knew he could never made her happy.
It was always about him. It was never about her. He was self-centred. 

Not to mention his unpredictable actions which affected her in certain ways. 
His beliefs ... everything was not right. At least, that was what she thought.

Her frustrations and disappointments led her to fall deep into a dangerous game of love and deceit. 

All she wanted was to have her dreams come true. She failed; so screw it, she said.

She felt disgusted with herself. 
She was afraid. 
The truth is she didn't even know what she was afraid about. 
Her heart beat faster than before. 

But yet, she didn't want it to stop. Not now.

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