Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mind Having a Long Distance Relationship???

So guys, let us talk a little on LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS... 

Yes, I do believe that some of you guys must had experienced long distance relationships before or if not, perhaps you have seen others experienced it. Well, I have several friends who somehow experienced long distance relationships at some point of their lives with their partners. I have seen them trying their best to speak with their girlfriends/boyfriends all the time through instant messages, Yahoo Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. I must say that I realized that there is a 50/50 chance of people surviving long distance relationships when I witnessed each one of my friends broke up with their partners back in their hometown and moved on with new people they met in campuses or workplaces. For those who survived through long distance relationships, they used to tell me that as long as there is enough communication, trust, commitments and sacrifices between both, then everything will be alright but seriously, is it substantial?  

I have seen couples breaking up just because they think that their relationship will never work if both are far away from each other. I used to wonder about what makes long distance relationships too difficult for some and I finally came up with a conclusion when I spoke to a guy friend few days ago. He explained to me that the reason long distance relationship is too difficult for him is not because he had to update his ex-girlfriend of what he was doing and where he went all the time but it was because there were times when he might need his girlfriend to be with him and she was unable to do that due to the distance. He also complained to me that he was unable to 'touch' his girlfriend and he said 'touch' is very important for him, not in a bad way though, but it was more like hugging, cuddling and walking hand in hand with each other.

So, I had to relate what my guy friend told me and what the priest said during a seminar I attended at my parish. He told us that the largest human organ is the skin itself and later explained that the sense of touch is very important for us humans and it is used mostly to touch and express our love between one another. This is because we Christians, believe that God created us with the needs to love and to be loved.  He also mentioned to the whole congregations that humans need to hug their loved ones at least twelve times a day in order to avoid themselves from the deprivation of love. At first, I was amused on what the priest had just said but then as I gave it another thought before going to bed that night, I realized that he was actually right. Why did God created us with the sense of touch and why is our skin is known to be the largest human organ if it is not to be used wisely and for those reasons I mentioned above - cuddles, hugs and holding hands? 

I finally understood the things my guy friend said to me when I started to relate his words with what the priest said to us.
What my guy friend actually meant was all he ever wanted was to express his love through the sense of touch and even if his girlfriend was always 'VIRTUALLY'  there for him, yet he still thinks that it is not enough for him.
"It will NEVER be ENOUGH for me.." was his exact words.

If  touching is the way for people to express love, then, I think it is important for couples, husbands and wives, children and parents and siblings to hug each other in order to sustain relationships. And the priest is right when he told us that the reason broken families and relationships exist are because there is a lack expression of love and communication between them. For example, husbands no longer hug, touch or talk to their wives, children no longer kiss or hug their parents before bed or when they wake up every morning and couples rarely cuddle, hug, talk and hold each other hands. 

Anyway, I am not trying to infer that long distance relationships do not work because couples are unable to express their love towards each other by hugging or cuddling. I was merely trying to share with you guys about the reason I think why most long distance relationships failed to work. Some couples managed to survive long distance relationships and it involved a lot of sacrifices, time and commitments. I understand it is not easy to be in one but if you think that the person you love is worth it, why not try giving it a shot? 

However, I also DO NOT guarantee that communications, commitments and time are enough to sustain a relationship especially for those couples who are far away from each other. Just remember that it actually takes two persons to make it happen and even if you think you had done everything in order to save your relationship, you can never avoid things to happen. I mean you guys ARE  far away from each other...
Just think about it guys, even couples who are close to each other and those who are married for YEARS are prone to break up and divorce, what else for those of you who are currently in long distance relationships? 

Feelings changed, people changed and things happened unexpectedly... 

I am not trying to discourage you guys out there but it had happened to people. I have seen seven years of relationship destroyed in just a blink of an eye due to this. 

It happened to my friends.
It happened to me...

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