Tuesday, 13 August 2013

When a person is being touched by God

When a person is being touched by God...

It is beautiful
It is wonderful
It is lovely
It is amazing
It is everything 

it is the greatest experience one could ever had.
Like a power coming
out from one's own being.

She cried for joy
She craved for more
Perhaps it is true that one will never be satisfied by the great love of God.

She wants things
She wants everything
She used to think that at times, she would confuse God
with her worldly desires
and results of envy

She never realized that having God's love is enough...

Be contented of what you have and own.
Be happy of what you got and received.
Seek God's will and He will provide.

How could she be so deaf to listen to the words of God?
How could she be so ignorant?

But I tell you,
when a person is touched by God,

She will know that God will never abandon her
She knows He does things in His time...
and she will wait patiently for the day to arrive

She will glorify God...
She will proclaim to the whole world the GREATNESS of God
God is her one true Lover...
and God will never abandon her...

God knows what is best for His daughter...
Although she is sinful and disobedient most of the times

But God is so good
He is good all the time.
She will TRUST God.

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