Thursday, 30 July 2015

The truth about part-time lovers

Sex without love...Is it even possible?

Personally, I think it's impossible. One just don't get intimate with someone whom he or she doesn't trust or know. Unless you're drunk or you're just born to be emotionless. I don't know. At least, that's what I think. 

F**k No Strings Attached. F**k Friends for Benefits.

Both of you had sex and both you wanted more. Maybe not with the one you had sex with but perhaps with someone else. We all wished our lives weren't that f**ked up. I supposed we all live in denial. We say we don't need love to be intimate but we actually do. Those who don't are just unaware of it. They prefer it to remain that way; to protect themselves from getting hurt or disappointed. 

Friends with benefits. Is it all about the benefits?
I'd say f**k that s**t. It's more of controlling your emotions and protecting your feelings which actually lead us back to what we're all actually doing - 'living in denial'. We reminded ourselves that we don't care about each other and we kept doing so until we're convinced that it's the truth or is it?

There must be at least a tiny drop of feelings or emotions when you're with your so called 'friend for benefits' or 'part time lover' or whatever you may called it. It's not merely lust. That's why the word 'Friend' is there. You have a friend and both of you fancy each other's companion. Benefits obviously means satisfying each other sexually but what about friend? Obviously, it serves as being able to complete each other with what both of you are lacking - love and care. Yes, the emotions part. It's about completing each other emotionally. And that's how it works. You both complete each other emotionally and physically. 

People tend to admit being physically satisfied but not emotionally because it's too difficult to accept the truth of being alone. There's too much pain and embarrassment. Therefore, we prefer sweeping it under the rug as it's better that way. Sex is enough. F**k the lonely part. We comfort ourselves by saying we'll find someone special in the future. Maybe not now but perhaps in the near future. It's sad but it's the truth. 

I'm not trying to draw any conclusions here. I'm just saying this based on my personal opinion. No offense. 


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