Thursday, 2 May 2013


I guess you guys must have guessed what am I going to write about. Yes, it's about problems! Family problems, financial problems, relationship problems, job problems, transportation problems, health problems...etc. No matter how big your problems are, they will always remain as problems and believe it or not small problems may turn out to be bigger ones if there is no attention given.

Anyway, what makes me to write about problems? Well, it's because problems seem to be like a norm among people that I decided to write about it. It all started when I was facing problems in teaching one of my students. She is going to sit for her government examination soon and her mother had just enrolled her into my tuition class. At first, I thought that I was able to teach her without any problems as she looked hardworking and obedient to me. I decided to test her in her writing skills and I tell you it was one easy composition! Her writing was so terrible that she could hardly spell and I found out that she was very weak in English grammar. I tried giving her basic English grammar and even gave her exercises from primary school books but it was no use. And yes...of course, I was devastated and to hear what others said about being a teacher is an easy task. Trust's not an easy work to do. 

Anyway, I decided to meet up with that particular student's mother and I told her about her daughter's studies. As a teacher, I had to do so and her mother was so grateful that I told her about her daughter's studies. She told me this because according to her, back at home, her daughter actually refused to listen to her advises and she started to share me all her problems including her marital problems. All I could do was just listened to her problems and sympathized at her condition.As she was telling me this, it actually made me realize the fact that each and everyone of us indeed has our own problems but somehow I have to admit that I do whine and complain when things do not come my way (yes...even little things). Her story about how she had to send her children to tuition centres to prepare them for their upcoming examinations despite the terrible weather is very touching that I could not help myself by reflecting the times I often took things for granted. I began to reflect the sacrifices of my own mother towards me when I was a child as she told me that she would rather carry all the sins, burdens and bitterness throughout her living just to see her children succeed in their future. I did not know what to reply her but I could only smile and nod my head as a sign of agreement. Even though I may not fully understand a mother's feelings as I am not one yet but to look into her eyes and the shadow of her burdens are all enough for me...

Only mothers can think of the future-because they give birth to it in their children.
-Maxim Gorky-

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