Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Minute to Reflect & Relate (Part 2)

Let me share you a story about a little bear who used to belong to a little girl...

There was once a Little girl who had a lot of toys when she was little and one of them was a Little teddy. It was given to her by her grandmother as a gift on her 5th birthday. As you could guess, she received lots of gifts on her birthday. Little teddy did not mind of course as he knew that he was always going to be the little girl's favourite least that was what Little girl thought. Anyway, Little teddy used to describe the little girl as beautiful, innocent and gentle. All in all she was a good nurtured individual - the symbol of pureness although Little girl never realized this. However, as time went by, little teddy noticed that the little girl was happy playing with her other toys even though he saw the same look whenever she played with him. Little bear was left alone when Little girl started attending kindergarten. 
Little teddy began to think that he did not deserve the little girl's love for him and decided to leave Little girl instead. Little bear thought that Little girl would be better off without him...Little girl was devastated obviously. She did not know what to do. She had been kind to little bear and she even took him to bed with her every night. He was as precious as diamond to her and yet he left. 
The little girl began to blame herself for Little teddy's actions. Was it because she was not good enough for him? Was it because she used to play with other toys instead of him? Or was it because she said or did something that hurt him? Perhaps she did not have a time to spend with him? The Little girl pondered upon these questions almost every single day. Her tears were dried up as she swallowed all her sorrows trying to find answers to her questions and every day the Little girl hopes that she will be awake with Little teddy back into her arms again.
Well it never happens...
Everyone promised to get Little girl a new toy but they were never the same. Nothing was able to replace Little teddy's place for sure...

At the window she looked through
Tears fell down her cheeks
she awaits for his return
They all come and go 
bringing smile to her face
Tears still falling
like raindrops
"There will be sunshine soon will be, soon..."

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