Monday, 17 June 2013

A Drop of Dye Ruins the Whole Jug of Milk - CASE #1

Well I was on a couch the other day on my way to my uncle's place in Johor Bahru...and then there was a couple sitting in front of us. I think the guy is pretty cute and his girlfriend looks pretty okay too. My mum and I decided to sit behind them as there were no seats for us to sit beside each other.

As our journey begins, for some reason, I have absolutely no idea at all why in the world they both wanted to lower their seats and carried their legs on the pole of the couch. At that point of time, I was thinking, Seriously? Is this couch belonged to you guys at the first place? Perhaps I was able to accept the fact they might be relaxing and enjoying the 5/6 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. But then everything changed when the driver of the couch decided to stop for a toilet break. My mum politely said 'Excuse me' and the guy only adjusted his seat a little bit. I stood up and started to ask myself who could pass through a small passage way anyway? Even a toddler would have difficulties in passing through...As my mum tried her best to go through the little space given to her (thanks to the guy), she shook her head not in a bad way, I could assure you but it's just another way for her to express her difficulties of passing through the small space given to her. The guy saw my mum shaking her head and shouted at her: Do you have to shake your head you SILLY woman??? 

Now guys, tell me, what would you react if this happened to you? Thankfully, my mum did not hear the last words because she had went down from the couch. I heard him saying it and I know I should have done or said something about it but when everyone decided to go down from the couch leaving me behind alone with that jerk...Well....I was thinking...He was tall, muscular and big sized...(He's a European by the way) and I on the other hand is just too little for him. I did not know what to do....I wanted to ask whether he realized the woman he had just called silly is my mother??? Perhaps I was not brave enough...I started to imagine stuff he might do to me because I was all alone with him at that precise time...Thankfully he did not dare to say or do anything to me. 

In fact, when his girlfriend returned, she started to complain about how everyone was pushing inside the toilet and that very same moment, my mum told me how everyone was queuing except for that jerk's girlfriend (by the way I think that JERK is a better name for him and both of them are no longer good looking people).She used the toilet without even queuing up. I was shocked although I was grateful after that they decided not to lower their seats down again. Everyone was looking at them inside the couch as the jerk's girlfriend carried her legs on the pole (she was wearing a short dress) and the jerk took his singlet off even though it was pretty cold inside the couch. They were touching each other indecently and my mum saw the jerk's girlfriend grabbing her boyfriend'd private part!!!

I was very angry at both of them for being so inconsiderate and for calling my mum a silly woman. I was telling myself why can't they 'behave' properly in public? I mean they are travelling in a foreign country---Malaysia to be exact. People in Malaysia do not touch each other indecently or speak rudely to strangers in public. There is a Malay proverb stating that 'Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak' which literally means that when you enter a goat's pen, you act and sound like one but if you enter a cowshed, then you should act and sound like a cow. In other words, when you are travelling in a foreign country, show some respect to others because behaving rudely would only reflect your own culture - in a very BAD way.

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