Saturday, 29 June 2013

Men In Black: Back In Time

Have you ever thought about returning back ahead of time and change things? Imagine all those bad and embarrassing moments being erased as if nothing had happened. If only there is a counter to purchase tickets to go back in time, I would be the first customer. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so. In fact, no one can. Therefore, I could only close my eyes, sit back and dream...dream...dream of the impossible to happen.

 As I was laying on my bed, I thought about all the stupid stuff I had done in my past. There are a lot of things I would love to change...The first would be taking pure arts instead of pure science back in high school. I bet I would score a lot better if I took pure arts in school...Perhaps I might be a law graduate student now instead of a linguistics and literature graduate. Then, I would also apply for all those scholarships offered by the Malaysian government after graduating from my high school studies.  I remember a schoolmate of mine used to tell me that students who took arts were actually dumb.I thought that what he said does not make any sense at all! 

Anyway, as I was would be totally amazing to change things and make it better than now and also to avoid embarrassing moments in our lives. Although, I must admit that all the mistakes I did in the past had taught me to be a better and wiser person in life. But I still do wonder about the things that brought sorrows into a person's life and how wonderful it would be if one could easily click a remote and return back in time to avoid himself/herself from individuals who brought only tears into his/her eyes. Seriously, how can sorrows make a person wiser anyway? 

 I have to agree that in certain cases like disappointments can actually be a good thing for certain people sort of a wake up call for them. An optimist would agree with me on this as disappointments may lead to something else better in a person's life. For example, your partner decided to break up with you after years of being in a relationship and you were feeling disappointed. Friends and family will comfort you by telling you that you deserved someone way better and it is true actually. I remember the time I became a shoulder to cry on for my ex-roommate when her crush rejected her. I told her that she deserved someone more better and that the guy who rejected her was blind to even see how sweet, kind and good-looking she is. I am not sure how it ends up for her now but she looks happy the last time we met and I guess she must have found someone better. So, okay, let us say that you were like my ex-roommate and you were given the chance to erase the moment when you told your crush that you liked him and he rejected you, would you do it? I would! Duh...!!! I would do it for the sake that no one will ever know it happened except myself. It would be like "Oops! Not a wise thing to do by professing my love to him...and therefore erase erase erase!!! Wouldn't it be a great thing to do? (Evil Laugh..) I definitely think it is... :)

Well, to return back in time is an impossible thing to do and definitely will bring you nowhere. It is 
as though I am dwelling in my past but for some reason, again, I must say that there is no harm in wishing the impossible as you close your eyes at night losing yourself into the world of dreams and fantasies...Zzzzzzzzzz...

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