Sunday, 30 June 2013

Young and In Love?

Okay, I was on my sister's Facebook one day and I noticed one of her schoolmates is dating a girl from her class. He's 14 and she's 13 or perhaps 12 going on 13...Too young to date? Duhh...Call me an old-fashioned type of person I wouldn't mind at all. Seriously. He started to chat with me (Well, he wouldn't if he knew I was me-He thought that I was my sister...Evil Laugh) and told me that someone has a crush on my sister at school. I said yeah right and he lol'ed and told me he was just kidding. I told him that I am too young to date (I'm referring to my sister by the way) and besides I only look for cute and smart guys. Obviously, I was being sarcastic and he said that love is in the eyes of the beholder. He even said that he does not think he is too young to date. Well, if only I could explain to him saying:

 'Hey mister! Okay, so you think you are old enough to date? I bet you don't even understand what true love is. In fact, there are a lot of things you barely understand about life, love and so on. Try earning some money yourself and support your girlfriend. Or perhaps, try finding a decent job! Ha! I bet you can barely support yourself, what else your girlfriend? What about kids? What if you have kids and you're just 14? Now tell me mister, how are you going to support yourself, your girlfriend and your baby??? Jeez....'

***Oh by the way, my sister was the one who asked me to log onto her Facebook because she was away with my mum for a retreat.

Seriously, kids nowadays. They only think with their hearts and not with their heads. Plenty of adolescent girls out there quitting school or leaving college due to pregnancies and their boyfriends refused to take responsibility with their actions. Another thing, if the guy does really take responsibility then he would end up as a jerk and treating their wives and kids badly. I am not saying that all guys are jerks but I am just trying to say that the percentage of guys ending up as jerks is sadly very high. I ain't giving you guys statistics here but guys please, it happens around you in the society itself...Life is not always a bed of roses....People would blame one another when something bad happens especially when they failed to achieve their dreams, wishes, hopes or ambitions. There are a lot of young people whose dreams are crushed due to their own actions. Although, sometimes there are friends who tried to advise us by telling us that you still can achieve your dreams. Like they said, where there is a will, there is always a way. But guys, have you ever thought that at some point in your life, in order to fulfill your dreams, sacrifices are needed to be made and most of them involved pain, disappointments, sorrows or frustrations? Like for example, young girls with babies. They cannot just abandoned their responsibilities as a mother and as a parent by sending their babies away for adoptions just so that they can achieve their own dreams. That is called selfish. It would be a heartbreaking moment to see an innocent child is victimized  upon their parent's mistakes. Now do you guys get what I am trying to say? Do not give up they said...but people hey, once you are committed to be as parents, there is no way turning back. You cannot just undo your actions and act as if nothing had happened. So, people especially teens who are currently dating, do think before you do something because it might  turn out to be a bad idea after all and you would regret it for the rest of your life. 

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