Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Oh Relationships!

I had a conversation with a guy through an online chat room the other day and the issues on relationship popped up. He was telling me that he is not into having a serious relationship and he even whined about how 'suck' it is to commit to your partner. I presume he might have an experience whereby his ex-girlfriend wanted to get things serious but he was not prepared back then. It is not an unusual thing to me as I think I had to agree with him that one should not rush into things just because the people around you are. Like they said: Don't be in a relationship because everyone is in one, it is neither a fashion nor trend. Another guy I spoke with also told me the same thing when I started asking him about his recent breakup with his girlfriend. He said his girlfriend would go crazy whenever there is an advertisement about wedding promotions. They had been living together for years even though they are not married to each other. I was relieved when he told me that they both do not have kids throughout their relationship as it could be terrible for the child or children to not have both parents around due to separation. He even told me that his girlfriend was gaining weight during that particular time and he is no longer attracted to her. Sex he described to me was not as exciting as it used to be. I was quite surprised about the fact that he is no longer sexually attracted to his girlfriend because of her weight...I thought perhaps they had been together for a long time that his girlfriend had 'forgotten' to look good for him...but usually to me, guys who break up with their girlfriends because she is either too fat or too thin are real jerks.

In fact, such things are usually the 'norm' in a relationship but there are several questions which came into my mind that day...(Married couples are excluded)

Number 1: Is relationship all about sex? 
Number 2: Is sex the only thing couples can do in order to enjoy each other's presence?
Number 3: What about spending time looking into each other's eyes? or
Number 4: Walking hand in hand along the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset?
and...finally, another question to ponder about...
Number 5: Do guys usually talk about sexual stuff with ladies they barely know? (this only applies to people on chat rooms)

Personally, I think that my answers to question number 1 and 2 are definitely 'No...' To me, relationship is not all about sex. Also, the things you did together as a couple are not important but instead it is the time that you get to spend with each other that matters. There are a lot of things for couples to do in order to enjoy each other's presence...Question number 3 and 4 are few examples I could think of. I think most ladies would agree with me. I have a friend who used to say that a guy does not always have to pamper a girl with expensive gifts or cash but instead it is the little little things he could do to show his love and appreciation towards a girl. If you are a guy (who happens to read this) and you thought that purchasing expensive gifts for your girlfriend is the actual way to please her then you are sooo wrong! In fact, there are many ways to please a girl like perhaps you can prepare her a breakfast or dinner, eating burgers/ice-creams and holding hands or surprise her with a note saying 'I love you.' and a rose on the table before you leave to work. Try them out and you can see a whole lot of changes in your relationship.

And, lastly but not least, for question number 5...

Do guys usually talk about sexual stuff with ladies they barely know especially through online chat rooms? As a lady myself I would call you a pervert if you speak sexual stuff to me. I can be an open-minded person but showing your thing (you know what I mean) makes you a pervert and for a girl like me definitely it's a turn off. It gives me the idea of guys like that acting immorally in public and tell me guys, you don't ask the girl sitting next to you at the bus stop to comment on the size of your thing right? Think about it guys...

"An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex."

-Edgar Wallace-

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